STOP PRESS – Conscious that many are facing financial challenges in 2020 I have introduced a ‘Pay What You Can’ approach for individuals (for coaching and mentoring), so please don’t let cost be barrier to accessing the support you need. If you’re interested in exploring whether coaching might be for you please get in touch to arrange a free introductory conversation.

Coaching is a learning process which supports you to realize your potential and improve your performance. I help you clarify your goals, build your confidence, identify your strengths and develop self-awareness. I work as your learning buddy, offering powerful questions and a framework to progress your thinking. It’s an accountable but safe space where you can really challenge and stretch yourself. (If you want to read more about what I think coaching involves you might like this blog post).

For over a decade I’ve coached CEOs and Trustees, emerging leaders, apprentices, nurses, teachers, artists and more as individuals as well as providing coaching for leaders on various fellowships and courses including the Clore Leadership Programme, Big Local’s Community Leadership Academy and British Council’s Accelerate programme.  I’ve supported people to develop their leadership style; plan or change their career; and progress their professional development; as well as to progress issues of work/life balance; wellbeing; and improving difficult relationships. Coaching works in almost any situation where you want to achieve change. It can be particularly effective in situations where you feel ‘stuck’ or unclear about how to proceed. When you’re faced with complexity, uncertainty or competing priorities and advice, coaching can offer a rigorous and impartial space to explore what you really want and discover new options about how to achieve it.

I am fully accredited coach and Member of the Association of Coaching. I use a wide variety of coaching methods and techniques, depending on how you prefer to learn – this can include conversations, physical/ spatial exercises (even over the phone or by Zoom), writing exercises and drawing/ visualization. I can also provide exercises to complete before and between sessions to help you make the most of your coaching sessions and apply your learning.

As a mentor I use many of the techniques of coaching, complemented with sharing of advice, experience and networks particularly in terms of career development; managing/ leading people and organisations; leading change and aspects of gallery management (fundraising, learning strategy, audience development). I regularly mentor people through a number of leadership programmes including engage Extend and Clore Emerging Leaders as well as individual clients.