Two New Year special offers

January is traditional a turning point in the year: we say goodbye to the year that has gone and think about what we want from the coming 12 months. This year more than ever, January is a moment to move forward and take control of what lies ahead – so I’m offering two new 1-2-1 coaching workshops to help you ‘build back better’ in 2021. 

1.Build back better: take control of 2021

We won’t forget 2020 in a hurry – although many of us would like to. It’s been a year of loss, anxiety, unprecedented rapid change and crippling uncertainty for many. And even with the hope of the medical crisis easing in early 2021; many parts of the economy, the places we live and our families will have been changed forever. Some of us have been lucky to experience some ‘silver linings’; changes for the better we want to protect when things slide back towards normality. But there will be no back to normal, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing as there’s plenty many of us want to change globally and locally about how we are living.

In this session you’ll be introduced to some of my favourite review and planning tools including:

Your ‘silver-lining’ review of 2020:  what you’ve learned, what you’ve achieved and what want to take forward

Your 2021 road map: where are you heading, what will help you, what keeps you on track, what do you want to avoid?

Making change stick: the science of making good habits and breaking bad habits

Why not make building back better, with some help from a professional coach, one of your New Year’s Resolutions?


2. New Year, New Career?

Are you ready to move onwards in your career or looking for a change of pace? Are you considering changing track? Or maybe you’ve recently been made redundant and are looking for a new position or considering self-employment? January is a time when many of us reconsider our choices around work – and it’s a peak period for recruitment and people changing places.

Drawing on my experience of coaching and mentoring many individuals around career planning and management this workshop is designed to help you clarify what you’re looking for from your career and develop a simple, effective plan towards achieving your next career steps.

In this session we’ll explore your career goals through coaching and you’ll be introduced to some of my favourite review and planning tools including:

Parallel Lives: a framework for comparing career options

Imaginary Lives: an opportunity to consider your wildest career dreams

The Reverse Job Description: generate fresh thinking about your options

My next steps: career research and planning tips

Before the session you’ll be invited to undertake a short preparatory exercise.

There’s no escaping it’s a tough job market at the moment, but whether you’re looking for a job now or planning your next move why not make sure you’re clear what you’re looking for and make sure you’re giving yourself the widest range options?


Both these 1-2-1 workshops run for 75 mins and are offered at a discounted rate of £75 – or Pay What You Want for those on low incomes (i.e. less than UK average wage or self-employed equivalent).

Sessions are designed with a coaching ethos and ethics –they encourage fresh thinking, develop clarity and confidence and are confidential.

Book your session direct here or please email me with any enquiries.