Working collaboratively can be exciting and enable us to do things we couldn’t alone – but it isn’t always easy, and it can take longer to involve others initially –as the saying goes: if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go further go together!

The ability to develop shared direction and ownership of projects; to communicate constructively when things are getting tough; to spark creativity and fresh thinking; to enable others to develop and think for themselves and the ability to recognise and support diverse styles – all are key skills we can learn if we wish to unleash the potential of teams and working with others. I’m passionate about working collaboratively and creatively and have designed these courses to offer you the opportunity to explore the tools and develop the skills we think are most helpful in working in this way.

I offer a range of training courses that support you and your colleagues to lead and enable change. I run these courses face-to-face and online as part of a number of leadership courses and internal training programmes in the arts, non-profit and education sectors. I develop bespoke courses on request.

Current short courses include:

Managing myself and others
Whether you’re managing a team, an organisation, a project team – or just yourself – the ability to support, understand and motivate people is key to success. If you’re new to line-management the good news is that ‘being a boss’ is not rocket science: the basic advice of treat other people as we’d like to be treated can get you a long way. The funny thing is, though, we often assume being a manager means behaving in a particular way – and this course enables you to work out what assumptions and practices you might like to un-learn as well as sharing tips and models about what research shows works in practice – you might be surprised! This course will help you reflect your strengths as a manager, to identify what you find more challenging, and also share some tools, skills and stories that can help you get the best performance from yourself and others.

Communicating with ease and impact
Good communication enables us to work well and quickly with one another, but when things are not going well we often find misunderstandings can crop up and we start to avoid having the conversations that could get us back on track because they feel tricky. This workshop explores how we can adapt how we communicate so we understand one another better, and provides practical tools to enable us to articulate concerns clearly and therefore resolve issues quickly before they escalate. The day includes opportunities to practice skills and rehearse conversations you want to have but might be putting off.

Making change happen
The only certainty these days is that things change! Whether you find yourself responding to challenges thrust upon you or you’re interested in harnessing positive change to creating innovation or improve your work the ability to engage others, handle the emotional impact for change, plan and monitor change and communicate effectively are key skills you’ll need. Throughout this highly interactive day you’ll be invited to work on real-life examples and to explore tools, techniques and models that make change happen…

The art of collaboration and teams
A team should be more than a sum of its parts, but too often we don’t get the best from ourselves and others when working together in teams within organisations or on projects. Understanding what teams need to succeed and how we can all help develop our team relationships – whether as team leader or member – enables us to work more collaboratively and productively. A key aspect of working with others is the ability to give clear, useful feedback, including about things that are not going as well as we might like – so this practical course shares skills and tools that enable better, and more enjoyable, collaborations.